Accomondating toys in the classroom for children with cerebral palsy

23-Mar-2016 06:22

Carol Greenburg Facebook Page If you’re a parent facing the Special Education system for the first time or are unhappy with your child’s placement or the services they are receiving, NYSNC can help.

NYSNC consults on Special Education matters from designing programs for districts, schools and organizations dedicated to providing Special Education services to program implementation to walking parents down the hallways of the New York Department of Education Special Education system.

celiac-disease) or the student’s need to use medical equipment. This figure may be misleading in some ways, because it includes only those students who are eligible for special services.

If medication or other assistance controls a condition, the child is ineligible.

With volunteers from local middle and high schools, we offer inclusionary sessions where children with autism learn invaluable socialization skills and self-regulation; gain self-confidence, balance and coordination; receive gross motor and fine motor skill enhancement; and develop critical proprioception skills.

Our sessions involve a blend of Tae Kwon Do, music/movement, stretching and breathing exercises all guided by a relaxed and modified version of ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis.

Types of Physical Disabilities Physical disabilities and health conditions are classified as either disabilities are those developed through injury or disease while the child is developing normally.

Susannah also works with older children and families particularly around issues of separation and divorce.

You can help a child like Ishmael Kihima, 7, to fulfil his dream of continuing his education.