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I was waiting in line at a coffee shop when I felt a tap on my shoulder. But the larger part was because I liked the entire process.I turned around to see a thirtysomething guy with reddish hair and glasses. ” I nodded as I racked my brain, trying to figure out who he was. I got a thrill when I matched with someone on Tinder, loved the back-and-forth banter that made a day at work fly by, and loved dressing up and getting ready for an evening.And I say "highly likely" because although Butler isn’t nominated or confirmed as an attendee, it’s sort of impossible to imagine that he wouldn’t be present to support Hudgens as she co-hosts the show for the first time.Especially considering the fact that although the two aren’t married, they’re in a serious, long-term relationship, and have reportedly been together for nearly six years. I asked how he was, but really, all I wanted to know was who he was. Sure enough, we had gone on five dates before I had ghosted him. He kept talking as if he knew me, asking about my writing career and even mentioning the name of one of my friends.

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Is that all you have to worry about when having sex? In some ways, it's easier to have mind-blowing, exciting sex with a stranger.I loved telling stories to my friends the next day about what had gone down on the date.As I became older and my friends started settling into long-term relationships and marriages, I still was addicted to the thrill of the first date.I've arrived at this conclusion by thinking through a number of biblical principles.

One of our bedrock governing principles in biblical dating — and in how we treat our brothers and sisters in Christ generally — is not to "defraud" our single brothers and sisters by implying a greater level of commitment between us and them than actually exists (see 1 Thessalonians 4:6).

The incredibly talented, and undisputed queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens will co-host the 2017 Billboard Music Awards this Sunday, May 21, alongside Ludacris.