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28-Jun-2016 15:54

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There is also an events calendar to both list and view trans-related events.

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I've been giving this one a lot of thought of late...because it's something going on in my life but it's a question I've not seen before I want to say from the get go I have the greatest admiration for those who go through the process, even more for those who clearly make the change but still look like thier former sexfor me i think I could as a hetro male have a asexual relationship perhaps with a man who has gone through the full process of mtf I would have only two conditions.they must clearly look like a female and two...one of us should have a dick...methat may seem harsh but but considering many would not entertain that at all i think i'm quite chillednow I know I'm not gay but i don't see a problem with a mtf weird...i am still trying to work that one outbefore anyone panics...i would still prefer a relationship with a woman so a general open question to allcould you have a relationship with someone who has gone through the mtf/ftm process ?

That being said, we currently have 12 different gender identities and 18 sexual/romantic orientations selectable.

Nos dedicamos no solo a Transexuales sino también Mujeres Transgénero.