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18-May-2016 17:55

Like beer and buzzer-beaters, the Kiss Cam is as an integral part of any NBA game, often capturing a cute or clever moment for everyone to cheer on.However, depending on the couple the camera decides to pan to, it can also envelope the crowd in a wave of cringeworthy awkwardness.  Corden was playing a fun game of Face Your Mother.The idea of the game was James would ask the two young gentlemen a question, and they would have to guess what they think their mothers would answer.A mother who was involved in an armed stand-off with Maryland police had been posting live videos to social media before she was shot dead in a raid which also saw her five-year-old son wounded.

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Camera people could, and have, pan to a mother and son, a brother and sister, two complete strangers, and many more combinations of people who wouldn't want to kiss each other on television.

When he asked what they were doing, they, apparently, responded, “Oh, we’re playing the sandwich game.” Merrick then added, “And the worst part is that they tried to hold up this lie.