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16-Sep-2016 18:30

While data is not as expensive, many still keep downloading movies from office high-speed lines and broadband connections at home.

Downloading pirated movies can also put your personal data at risk as most illegal websites with pirated content contain malware and viruses that can send data to a hacker’s server.

If you were told that there are App’s that are being marketed for 12 year olds that facilitate face to face meetings with strangers.

What if you were told that this app reveals the user’s location using their phones GPS.

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We all know that our only other source for movies is either the cinema halls or televisions.

However, there are many of us today use the illegal route to watch movies.

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When you consider 80% of kids that are approached online never tell an adult because they are convinced by these professional predators not to, it is a recipe for disaster.