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Without using DNS to locate a DC, your users wouldn’t even be able to log on!Split-brain DNS is a configuration method that enables proper resolution of names (e.g., from both inside and outside of your local network.If you weren’t aware of this basic requirement, you can catch up on how Dynamic DNS registration works by reading my other blog: AD & Dynamic DNS Updates Registration Rules of engagement However, workgroup computers normally do not have a Primary DNS Suffix, unless you’ve already manually configured all of them.Neither do other devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and other non-Microsoft products. We can make this work without a Primary DNS Suffix.One way is to force the Primary DNS Suffix on your Windows workgroup computers by using a registry script (outlined later below).

The domain DNS server can be managed in two ways, directly from command line through samba-tool interface or remotely from a Microsoft workstation which is part of the domain via RSAT DNS Manager.Although “split-brain DNS” sounds like something that would require an Ace bandage and a boatload of aspirin, it’s actually something that almost every organization uses.Despite how common it is, I still regularly hear from administrators who aren’t familiar with it for one reason or another, and who have problems that can be solved easily by setting up split-brain DNS.This option will only be available on Domain Controller in which we have Active Directory installed. On the “Completing the New Zone Wizard”, click on Finish to complete the wizard.9.

We can go back to the DNS Manager window to check if the new forward lookup zone is created or not.10.

After all, non-Windows devices, such as phones and tables, do not have such a setting to configure.