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These paintings depict a civilization that left little in the way of written records, but some aspects of life in that era may be gleaned from the artwork itself. This southern African country this week appealed to international donors for 0 million to help those affected by the floods, which have washed away bridges and roads and cut off some communities.Talking about sex often is considered taboo in many of the countries he works in, Stein said.Zimbabwe‘s history is rich and illustrious, stretching back centuries into written, archeological and oral records.The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are one of the best-known artifacts of African civilization formed in the centuries and millenia before the Industrial Revolution.Appealing to history buffs and thrill-seekers alike, these ruins are truly a wondrous spectacle to behold.Like many proud African nations, Zimbabwe maintains a strong connection with its ancient past.

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This contest, “Sexbushed,” is part of a video series on datingcultures.com, a website that explores dating culture around the world, with other titles like “Street Flirting in Yangon” and “Rwanda’s Wet and Wild Tradition.” ​Romance and culture The site uses humor and a universal interest in romance to expand users' knowledge of faraway cultures.

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